Scam & Fraud Alert

United is an absolute non-fee charging company. We are committed to ensuring that the company, its staff, and the stakeholders it represents DO NOT constitute illegal recruitment, scam or fraudulent activities in any form that violates the bylaws of countries where it source, recruit, and hire the workforce, and the bylaws that constitute the business operations of the company in the State of Qatar.

Should there be cases where any of the company’s staff, the stakeholders, or a third-party, misrepresent, act, engage and participate in any kind of illegal recruitment activity including but not limited to collection of monetary fees, loans, and/or in-kind, kindly report immediately to support@united-mp.com

For general guidance and public information, the company only uses the official domain in our external communications with any of our recruits, and stakeholders worldwide.

Official emails with @united-mp.com are only authorized accounts created by the company when dealing with our external stakeholders.
If in doubt about the legitimacy of communication, please contact support@united-mp.com or go to Contact Us.