Relocating in Qatar

Here are some points to remember when moving to a new region, to aid with a smoother transition. Proving your identity in the initial setting up stages, especially with government and commercial transactions is commonplace. Try to make sure you have several copies of passports of each family member, marriage certificate, birth certificates and original educational certificates which have been authenticated in your country of origin. (And plenty of passport size photos!). Bear in mind that the rental accommodation market continues a trend of rising rent prices, you are advised to ensure your housing allowance will be sufficient during the contract stage of your employment.

Working in Qatar depends just as much on personal relationships as on the quality of the company or service. Networking and exchanging business cards is important. Men should wear suits, ladies should cover elbows and knees. Handshaking is common but when meeting Arab people of the opposite sex it is best to wait for them to initiate a handshake.

A few other cultural nuances to consider: don’t rely too much on email; oral commitments at face-to-face meetings may be considered binding, written agreements may not; appointments should be reconfirmed on the day; while English is widely spoken, the language of government is Arabic; and finally, sit and talk with you host on general matters before approaching business.

By: Marhaba Editorial Desk: www.marhaba.qa