Our experienced team provides a custom-made approach to delivering results. Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, will get to know you, invest our time in meeting with you and understand exactly what you need to be successful.

Since 2007, United has been creating extensive connections from both local and international talented professionals through our website, a strong social media presence, our staffing agency partners, international recruitment fairs and referrals. We strive to build long-lasting connections with them so they will come to us when they are ready for a career change.

We are actively engaged with our clients: job seekers and employers across Doha, Qatar. We understand that every organization is different and not every organization suits every recruit. We work with you to find the right professionals fit on your needs to get the job done.

We are 100% committed to providing the best service to exceed your expectations and to place job seekers in their dream jobs. We employ the best tools, individuals, and resources to accomplish our work.

We believe in delivering value for money and engaging your repeat business as you grow your team of professionals. At United, we guarantee that our costs will remain competitive because we want to be your recruitment partner for the long term.

We have also developed a strong global partnership with staffing agencies in order to gauge quickly to meet your human resource needs. We have a proven record in providing strong international candidates who are keen to move to Doha, Qatar to progress their career.

We are positive that our professionals will be successfully placed with you and have a long-term career. However, should this not be the case, we at United are happy to guarantee the first replacement at no extra cost, up to a period of three months from the candidate start date (except in cases of employment contract termination).

All through the recruitment process and afterward, our team will be here to assist and support you. At the same time, we will ensure a smooth transition both before and once the candidate has been successfully placed. We are glad to be in contact as much as you feel is necessary during the early period of any placement.


The healthcare industry is a complex system requiring cutting-edge scientific advancement, dedicated research, study, and a genuine understanding of patient needs. Steady commitment to these founding principles of the industry is essential in the face of changing laws and regulations, restructuring of priorities and the adoption of innovative technology.

Our Recruitment Team has an extensive experience and thorough understanding of Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners Professional Qualifications Requirements and its processes.

Thus, United’s ability to source highly qualified Healthcare Practitioners with proficient Licensed Regulations of QCHP (Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners) is unsurpassed.

United’s clients are amongst Qatar’s leading hospitals and medical institutions. We pride ourselves on effective evaluation, recruitment process of licensing and leveraging our industry knowledge and expertise to find the best candidates in the market. Our portfolio includes:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Allied Health Professionals including Rad. Tech, Med. Tech, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Dieticians, Dental Assistants, Dental Tech.

At United, we understand that the patient needs and safety are a top priority. As such, we ensure:

  • Compliance with the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioner’s licensing regulations.
  • Credentialing evidence of certification to meet the qualification requirements of the QCHP.
  • Assistance for Medical Licensing for completion of requirements such as facilitate the scheduling of Prometric Exams, application for Primary Source Verification (Dataflow), QCHP Evaluation.
  • The assistance of deployed healthcare staff for QCHP Licensing

Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad range of businesses. It is defined by the sense of steadiness and trust that customers rely on in their financial advisors and professionals. We understand the complexity and security of such industry in a way that we have to screen and filter the professionals for our clients.

At United, we staff a variety of positions that serve the innovative technology adopted by the Financial Services industry.

In the large industry of hospitality, there is a broad category of fields within the service industry. As Qatar will be the sports hub of the Middle East, hosting regional and international sporting events; international hotel groups are establishing their brands every year to accommodate visitors worldwide. Hospitality involves mainly in quality service and United is not a newcomer when it comes to staffing hospitality companies.

Staffing professionals for Hospitality Services is a daunting task taking into consideration the fact that professionals will serve other professionals. Us United, we ensure that the professionals are made sure screened and checked in order to deploy them and will surely fit your requirements. We assure our Corporate clients they will have a functional and efficient staff.

The Pharmaceutical industry’s range and volume of production is a vast mixed industry. Thus, the Pharmaceutical Industry has to have professionals who have an extensive experience and suited qualifications.

United has already served a vast pool of medical and non-medical companies. We understand the exceptional needs when it comes to the supply and demand of pharmaceuticals. At United, we process the staffing of a pharmaceutical company thoroughly. We target the company’s requirements with a thorough screening of our candidate professionals.

Technology services are professional services designed to facilitate the use of technology by enterprises and end users. Technology services provide specialized technology-oriented solutions by combining the processes and functions of the software, hardware, networks, telecommunications, and electronics.

There is a great competition when it comes to Information Technology services nowadays. Technology is fast evolving and abrupt changes are always affecting almost all the business industry sectors.

At United, we make sure that the professionals that we employ and deploy are well trained, well equipped and well adapted in the fast-paced technology advancement. In the business of a fast-paced Industry, we make sure that quality service will not be compromised.

FMCG services are defined as the distribution of the fast selling items from groceries to household items, medicine stationaries, and even toiletries. FMCG covers a range of sectors and job titles and it has wide ranges of staffing professionals.

Here in United, our strength in consulting and staffing solutions enable retailers to assess their current state, make the appropriate shift in culture and skills to support the product delivery timeline and deliver high-quality solutions to internal and external customers.

The Educational Services sector comprises establishments that provide instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects. This instruction and training are provided by specialized establishments, such as schools, colleges, universities, and training centers.

Education Services plays a major role in the advancement of a company, industry or even the country. United supports the call for quality education which is essential for the advancement. So here in United, we make sure that our professionals staffed in such industry have met the qualifications set by our clients. It is important to make sure that our professionals will function as the needed educators of such industry.

Qatar a fast-progressive country and one of the most innovative nation when it comes to engineering and construction. It is an undeniable fact that the country has a modern approach when it comes to architectural design, innovative engineering approach and fast paced construction strategy.

Our company vision of hiring professionals is shared with the innovation strategy of the Engineering and Construction Industry.

At United, we staff a variety of positions in the Engineering and Construction Services to deal with the challenges and the fast pace world of employment. We deal with the high demand for professionals in this field to meet our Corporate Client’s standard.

Oil and Gas or Petroleum Services has been one of our major clients. The companies that we’ve dealt with are the companies who are great contributors to the country’s GDP. The oil and gas industry services have several categories mainly the upstream and downstream and these categories have specific job positions to be filled carefully.

Choosing the right professionals for a Petroleum company is quite crucial because of the nature of the business. It is our top priority to filter the applications of the professionals and fight the right candidate for the specified position.

Optimization of the customer experience is everything for the retail sector, with digital transformation across all customer touch points and cutting-edge mobile technology to meet the lightning pace of consumer demand.

Qatar is not a step behind when it comes to retail industry. The fluctuating rate of supply and demand is not new to the nation’s economy and it is greatly faced with strategic sourcing and outsourcing of good.

At United, we ensure that staffing professionals for retail industry services are top notch of customer service.

Communications as a service is a collection of different vendor services that facilitate business communications Voice call and text messaging services are becoming increasingly obsolete in the booming mobile industry. Data-fueled Smartphones and wearable technologies are the future of the industry, meaning the race to evolve the technology required for faster-sophisticated data transfer is well underway. As it grows and evolves, and especially as autonomous vehicles become a reality, the need for air-tight cybersecurity becomes more urgent all the time.

United is familiar with the innovation and evolution of the Communications industry. We understand the kind of roles required to develop and facilitate the transition to 5G, a move that is taking shape now for a prospective launch in the coming years. Evolution and efficiency are the hallmarks of the Communications industry, and United is prepared to staff professionals that meet the fast-paced changes.

A new set of strategic imperatives is transforming corporate logistics management. The focus of logistics executives must shift from managing assets and direct reports to creating a new vision of coordinated product flow and implementing it by influencing the actions of others. Logistics professionals must learn to harness the power of human resources management to effect sweeping programs of change, not only in their own companies but in other companies in their supply and distribution channels as well.

At United, we understand the industry of logistics and coordination and we are knowledgeable when it comes to the complicated approach of planning, coordinating and tracking. We make sure that our professionals brought into our corporate clients are well screened, well trained and well versed when it comes to logistics and coordination.

It is very crucial to market and positions your business in the country. Marketing, Advertising, and Media play an important role in the growth of your business.

At United, we make sure that our professionals have their own specialization on the required field by our Corporate clients with expertise and working knowledge about advertising, marketing, and media.