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Supervisor Nets

negotiable Expires in 2 weeks


> who is reporting to the offshore manager must have skill related
with organizational tasks, high tolerance to work with staff with less experience and teach them.

> Ability to mend nets, clean and bend nets. Able to establish clean and dirty areas and able to manage all the biosecurity aspects. Able to fabricate nets from zero. Candidate must have knowledge on how to calculate the mesh, how to calculate measures of nets, control the inventories.
> Under the management of the Offshore Manager, the candidate shall be responsible to implement the day to day netting operation and activities on his area.

> Manage the inventory of materials to ensure all raw materials and consumable stocks are monitored and replacements ordered in time, especially net units, ropes and twines

> Manage the daily update of records and submission of reports: Attendance, System & Nets Equipment status, etc. that allows for accurate and reliable reporting and analysis. Able to create monthly reports showing manpower used vs efficiency, costs and benefits

> Control traceability of every single net along the process

> Able to repair nets with appropriate material, net Cleaning and net folding.

> To know all the aspects regards with the matter: Ropes, twines, mesh of the nets, breaking loads, the durability of materials, etc.

> Ensure compliance to high safety standards by all netting workers and by himself


> Must be hardworking
> Highly motivated and competent.

> Must have good interpersonal and supervisory skills.
> Must be able to live well with multi-cultural, multi-racial workforce.
> Must have good problem-solving skills.
> Must have the ability to cope with conflict, stress, and crisis situations.