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Sea Food Processor

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 Guiding raw fish into automated machinery and cleaning or sanitizing the
work area.
 Responsible for maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment.
 Gut and clean fish.
 Operate a variety of machines that Grade, process and Pack Fish.
 Clean and sanitize work areas, equipment, machines and utensils.
 Remove waste to the dedicated area.
 Use manual or electric appliances to clean, cut, slice Raw seafood as
per production requirements.
 sorting, monitoring, labeling and manage the movement of fish boxes.
 Upheld sanitary and safety standards in completing all tasks.
 Helping with offloading trucks
 Stacking boxes into their correct sections


 High school Diploma.
 Experience in fish and seafood processing plants.
 Food handling certificate.
 Experience in managing injury cases related to fish processing
 Working knowledge of grout and mortar spreading, mixing and pouring
 Profound knowledge of safe, hygienic and apposite management and
storage of fish processing tools and equipment’s

 Familiarity about different fish varieties and its processing procedure
 Ability to use of a knife for trimming and filleting fish
 Skilled at weighing, sorting and packing fish and other related steps of
fish processing
 Ability to utilize efficiently and keep seafood processing machinery well
 Ability to study, understand and implement verbal instructions