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ENT Surgery Senior Consultant

negotiable Expires in 2 months


Job Description

  • Responsible in receiving patients with certain disabilities in ear, nose and throat.
  • Examines patients and performs various physical tests or procedure in order to determine their health problem.
  • Responsible in diagnosing diseases or injuries of the ear, nose, throat, pharynx, sinuses, larynx, thyroid, oral cavity, salivary glands and esophagus. The following diseases may include viral, yeast infections or bacterial infections and also tonsillitis common in children.
  • Prescribe any medications like antibiotic or antiviral agents in order to help their patient get well.
  • Perform procedures like biopsy especially of existence of a malignant or cancerous tumor.
  • Deal with patients suffering from speech, hearing or any other problems or malfunctions caused by the nose, ear or throat.
  • May recommend hearing aid for people with hearing problems and work with victims of accident suffering from head and neck injuries.


  • Good listening skills and the ability to work effectively with people who have communication difficulties
  • Practical skills such as good hand-eye co-ordination and manual dexterity
  • Excellent vision and visuo-spatial awareness
  • Good organisational ability and stamina to cope with a busy and demanding role
  • The ability to both work in a team and manage others effectively