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Ambulance Paramedics (Philippines)

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This job has expired.


Job Description

  1. To safely respond to emergency calls as required, providing emergency care in accordance with approved clinical guidelines and departmental policies and procedures
  2. To safely move and transport patients from the scene of an incident to a health care facility, or between health care facilities.
  3. To assist Critical Care Paramedics in the advanced care of critically ill or injured patients.
  4. To maintain operational and functional readiness of an ambulance unit (or rapid response unit, LifeCycles, LifePatrol or the LifeFlight helicopter), emergency medical equipment and disposable supplies.
  5. To use technologies such as GIS mapping systems and global positioning systems (GPS) to navigate to the scene of illness or injury.
  6. To communicate with the AS Communications Centre in a clear and concise manner using voice Communication by phone and radio, or data transmission.
  7. To ensure that supervisors and managers are apprised of significant events in compliance with Standard Operating Procedure.

SMA 2017/ Template

  1. To liaise with partner agencies to ensure the coordinated delivery of emergency medical care to ill or injured patients.
  2. To contribute to the development and implementation of service-wide policies and procedures, and those applicable to their area of responsibility alone, in collaboration with colleagues in other departments within AS and HMC.
  3. Within their area of responsibility, to comply with timely investigation and response to complaints and queries in collaboration with colleagues in other departments within AS and HMC.
  4. Within their area of responsibility, to comply with AS and HMC corporate policies and procedures.
  5. To ensure that their area of responsibility is compliant with accreditation schemes identified by HMC, including, but not limited to, Joint Commission International (JCI).
  6. To deputize for the Supervisor when required.
  7. To accept responsibility for own personal and professional development and undertake such programs as required.
  8. To perform other duties as required.


Essential Education:

  • Applicants are required to hold a qualification that is eligible for licensure as an ambulance paramedic with QCHP and who meet the essential experience as outlined by HMCAS
  • Minimum: 3 years diploma in clinical discipline and successful completion of HMCAS internal clinical training program


  • 2 years diploma in clinical discipline and successful completion of HMCAS internal clinical training program for those who have been appointed prior to 1st Jan 2012


Essential Experience:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in a clinical discipline with 3 years demonstrated experience in emergency-related healthcare field (such as: trauma, EMS, ICU, Emergency, etc.).
  • No prior experience is required for applicants who have completed the Primary Care Paramedic or the Advanced Care Paramedic qualification, issued via CNA-Q or a similar qualification (that meets the requirements of the QCHP for licensure as an ambulance paramedic) from any other Qatar based university.


Required Certification/Licensure:

  • Valid Primary license from the country of origin if applicable AND should be eligible for license in the State of Qatar within the Ministry of Public Health.



Computer Skills:

– Proficiency using a keyboard and mouse to input data and potential to master as communications technologies.

– Language Skills: Intermediate English.


Key Competencies:

– Ability to multitask.

– Ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

– Ability to communicate well using oral and written means.

– Ability to negotiate between parties using strong interpersonal skills

Problem Solving/Decision Making:

– Ability to make time-critical decisions with limited information.

– Ability to prioritize actions under pressure

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This job has expired.