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Job Description

The Department of Dental (Radiology Tech) support the
delivery of patient care by conducting the Dental Radiology procedures ensuring the established department
policies and procedures, objectives, quality improvement program, safe radiation environment, infection control and accreditation standard are maintained:

1 Performs and process intra oral and extra oral radiographs

2. Loading of film in the cassettes.

3. Film sorting, identification, mounting and labeling

4. Duplicates radiographs and delivery.

5. Quality control of films and processor maintenance

4. Clean and maintain radiology equipment.

5. Performs daily start up of intraoral & extra oral film processors.

6. Deliver and receives instruments from the sterilization room.

7. Performs close down operation, turning of machines and radiology rooms

8. Maintain inventory and reports to supervisor.

9. Maintain store supplies and statistics

10. Able to react to change of productivity and handle
other tasks assigned by the supervisor



Minimum: 2 years Diploma in Radiography, 2 years Diploma in Dental Assistance with Dental Radiology Certification, 2 years diploma in Dental Hygiene with Dental Radiology certification.
Preferred: Bachelor of Dentistry (Bachelors of Dental Surgery) or Bachelor of Dental Hygiene with Dental Radiology Certification or equivalent.

Required Certification or Licensure or Registration:
Valid Primary License from the country of origin if applicable AND should be eligible for license in the State of Qatar within the Supreme Council of Health