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Clinical Dietician

negotiable Expires in 2 months


Job Description

1. Performs nutrition assessment of referred patients to determine their nutrient needs and develop an appropriate care plan which includes and not limited to:
– Macro and micronutrient requirements and goals based on current recommendations
SMA 2017/ Template
– Disease-specific feeding choices
– Choices for delivery of nutrition e.g., intravenous, enterostomy
2. Monitors the implementation of nutrition plans and assesses patient progress to adjust therapy plans and attain optimum nutrition.
3. Coordinates plans and conducts programs to educate patients about nutrition issues, diet and food selections.
4. Documents, records and processes information to assess therapy outcomes
5. Participate in multidisciplinary rounds and calculate the nutrient requirements of patients on therapeutic/enteral feedings as required
6. Calculates nutrient requirements of patients on therapeutic/enteral feedings as needed
7. Arranges or direct Assistant Clinical Dietitians to arrange discharge needs of patients to ensure continuity of care plan
8. Evaluates current practice using evidence-based outcome indicators where possible to ensure the therapeutic, patient and family needs are being met
9. Give consultation and Guidance for Assistant clinical dietitians



  • BSc degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from a recognized university Or 3 years High Diploma in Nutrition after Completion of High school for those who joined HMC prior to 2012


  • Valid Primary License from the country of origin if applicable AND should be eligible for license in the State of Qatar within the Ministry of Public Health


  • 4 years of total experience in Hospital setting of which 2 years as general Clinical Dietitian experience and 2 years as Clinical Dietitian in any relevant subspeciality


  • Arabic Speaker