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Boat Captain

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> has to ensure that all legal and company standards are adhered to in both the vessel and the crew,

> paying particular attention to any environmental issues such as oil spills or the emission of any other pollutants.

> Working within Maritime as a Boat Captain you will be responsible for the safety of the crew and any cargo, and so the Captain must regularly inspect vessels to assess whether they are seaworthy, and whether any machinery on-board is safe for use.

> Of course, boat captain is responsible to move cargo in good conditions, proper time being productive and reliable

> The Boat Captain Job means that they are responsible for the safe operation of their vessel and must ensure that it is operated and crewed according to both company and legal guidelines.

> You must investigate any damage to the vessel, personal injuries of crew and the environmental effects of the vessel; this includes monitoring any pollution and checking for oil spills around the vessel and at ports and harbors.

> As a Ship or Boat Captain Health and safety is a priority.safety equipment with regular inspection.

> Monitor daily progress of the vessel, observing speed, engine pressure and water depths.

> The Boat Captain must also maintain full knowledge of the cargo carried by the vessel and answer any queries from the customs official.

> The Boat Captain must conduct his crew in their tasks, monitoring the performance of license and unlicensed crew.

> Boat captain is responsible to fill in all the reports, log books or any other required report

> Ensure relevant procedures to maintain and achieve product safety, legality and quality aspects.Ensure relevant procedures to maintain and achieve product safety, legality and quality aspects.


Technical knowledge of the vessel is required, as is an in-depth
understanding of tides, navigation and the effects of weather conditions.