Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

United has a strong and clear commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. It is our commitment that all persons shall have equal opportunity for employment and advancement in the company on the basis of their ability, qualifications and aptitude for the work.
Everyone has a right to equality of opportunity and to a good and harmonious working environment and atmosphere where they are treated with dignity and respect.

United operates in an increasingly diverse community, and we understand that the people who provide and use our services have diverse characteristics and different experiences, needs and aspirations. Understanding, valuing and effectively managing these differences can result in greater participation, and help bring about success at an individual, team and organisational level. We are committed to creating an inclusive working environment where individual differences are valued and respected, in which each employee is able to fulfil his/her potential and maximise his/her contribution.

United provides opportunities for all sections of the community and continues to strive to create an inclusive working environment in which difference is recognised and valued. Bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and giving each person the opportunity to contribute their skills and experience will help us to respond more effectively to the needs of the people we serve. We all want to work in a harmonious workplace where we feel valued, respected and included, irrespective of gender, marital or civil partnership status, race/ethnic origin, religious belief or political opinion, disability, having or not having dependants, sexual orientation and age. In order to provide a high-quality service, the company needs to attract, recruit, develop and retain the very best people at all levels. Our approach is based on three key principles:


We promote equality of opportunity by seeking to remove barriers, eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal opportunity and access for all groups of people.


We accept each person as an individual. Our success is built on our ability to embrace diversity – and we believe that everyone should feel valued for their contributions. By working together we will deliver the best possible service for our staff and stakeholders.


We create a working culture where differences are not merely accepted, but valued; where everyone has the opportunity to develop in a way that is consistent with and adheres to the company values of impartiality, honesty, integrity and objectivity. Our aim is to be an organization where people feel involved, respected and connected to our success.