Covid-19 Response

The global coronavirus pandemic has created an increasing number of challenges to companies of all sizes, employees, individuals, families, and communities. It’s an unprecedented outbreak, a health crisis of such a scale which most of us have never experienced.

United is working hard to uphold our commitments to supporting the government of Qatar to contain the spread of coronavirus by taking part and strictly enforcing the precautionary and preventive measures in place by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). We are very focused on protecting the Health and Safety of our workforce while maintaining the ability to keep serving our clients. Hence, and in confidence, United Team members are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Reminders are also in place to get booster shots at the earliest. While due diligence and quality standards are carried out at the time of recruitment, deployment, and employment, United undertakes that health and safety protocols shall always be observed.

Accordingly, for those staff members who have yet to get the vaccine, United will assist them. Should this not be the case, United is committed to arranging a weekly rapid test following the mandate of the MOPH. Health and Safety are our top priorities. Hence, United shall provide our staff members with a Complimentary Protective Kit against COVID- 19 (Single-use face mask and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer).

United encourages all its stakeholders including employees, affiliates, and partners to keep abreast of new updates & recent covid-related instructions through MOPH Website. visit here