CV Guidance

Writing an effective and creative resume that gets results can be a daunting task. But if a few simple details are taken care of, your chances of being shortlisted for the interview enhance significantly. Here are a few tips which should benefit any candidate, irrespective of the industry or organization being applied to. Here is […]

Interview Preparation

Telephone interview Research – Prior to the phone call, research their website at length. Why are you interviewing? – Know the reason why you would like to work at the company. Laundry List – Have a list of accomplishments and pertinent skills in front of you and know why you are a fit for the job. If you […]

Relocating in Qatar

Here are some points to remember when moving to a new region, to aid with a smoother transition. Proving your identity in the initial setting up stages, especially with government and commercial transactions is commonplace. Try to make sure you have several copies of passports of each family member, marriage certificate, birth certificates and original […]

What to Wear During an Interview

You finally received the call for a face-to-face interview but you were left with a dilemma of what to wear. A suit is naturally the safest way to go but bear in mind that organizations’ dress code differs from the other. Here are a few tips you can follow: ASK – Ask the person who […]